Beta Testing and
Soft Launch

Beta Testing and
Soft Launch


Ivy Buddee
September 21, 2020

Beta testing and soft launches are important for ensuring the success of your app. After developers have tested your app, they’ll push it forward to real users to test it. This is a great opportunity to find and resolve big flaws before making your app available for a wider audience.

Beta Testing and Soft Launch

Detect bugs

It’s always better to discover bugs before your users do, lest it causes the user to never come back. The beta testing phase allows you to quickly find and fix bugs. As this is an evolving phase, sometimes detecting and fixing bug could take iterations.

Evaluate quality

The main purpose of beta testing and doing a soft launch is to evaluate the overall app experience from the user’s perspective. Beta testing will make sure that all features are working and performing as intended.

Assess usability

Usability and quality are two different areas, and the quality of each will depend on the user’s preferences and usage. The purpose of beta testing here is to find the optimal solution that would suit most of your target users. A soft launch will enable you to gain feedback about the user experience and the app’s usability. Your developers can then adjust the app to meet user requirements.

Test performance

Beta testing allows you to analyse the performance and speed of your app in a controlled environment in the real world. Lots of factors, such as internet speed and smart phone software versions, can affect the performance of your app. These factors are almost impossible to reproduce in TestFlight or Firebase Test Lab, so the only way to analyse performance is by putting your app to the test in the real world.

Test the waters

A soft launch will help you test your app in a limited market. During this time, you might discover that there is room for improvement and make updates to your app. You can quietly refine your app without forcing a large number of users to update their apps again and again.

As you can see, it’s very important that you perform beta testing and do a soft launch of your app before it is officially launched to the various app stores. Utilising the DigiGround team will drastically narrow your margin of error. Our mobile app developers will ensure that there aren’t any unresolved bugs or issues. The goal is to launch a high performing app that functions exactly as intended – and we will help you do just that!


Beta Testing and Soft Launch
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Beta Testing and Soft Launch
Here's why it's important that you perform beta testing and soft launch of your app before it is officially launched.
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