Super Dad App

We promise you will get addicted to the Super Dad App.

Super Dad

We promise you will get addicted to the Super Dad App.
With Father’s Day just around the corner, the DigiGround app development team thought it would be a great idea to create a mobile game featuring something all dads would love: the gift of flight! DigiGround Super Dad is the genius product of our app development team, whose sole purpose was to create a game app that was both addictive and entertaining for all the mobile gamers out there.

Super Dad App Functions

Become Super Dad – without the dangers of life-threatening enemies and death-defying challenges, of course. The DigiGround Super Dad App gives Dad the gift of flight. Now, he can soar high up in the sky, above the city below. Try to keep Dad in the sky for as long as possible by avoiding the grey clouds. Each grey cloud will deduct 5 seconds from his flight time. Try to collect as many green clouds as you can. These green clouds will give Dad the gift of 60 seconds of flight time. The longer he flies, the more kilometres he will travel. Try to beat your best time and see how far you can go. The more time Dad gets on his joy-flight, the happier he will be. And that’s good news for the whole family!

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Super Dad was built by our genius Sydney app development and creative design teams. The UI was designed using Adobe Creative Suite, after which our developers went to work using Cordova, MySQL, PHP and UX design capabilities to turn our prototype into an awesome, fully-functioning application. If you like what you see and want us to do the same with your mobile app, please let us know! Our app development team has the skills, knowledge and experience needed to turn your business idea into an app your customers will love.

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