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Developing a software, app or website isn’t a one-time affair, but a long-term commitment. We bring you a variety of maintenance and hosting services to ensure that your system is running smoothly and as planned.

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    24/7 Monitoring

    Without 24/7 monitoring, your system is vulnerable to malware and login attacks. We’ll protect your software, app and website from vulnerabilities by providing password auditing, malware scans, spam filtering and more.


    Priority Support

    As a maintenance client, you’ll receive priority support during which we can make changes to your software, app or website. Depending on your maintenance plan, we will work on your product on a weekly or daily basis.


    Regular Updates

    Your software, app or website will grow and improve over time. We will publish regular updates to add new features, fix bugs and make sure that your software is constantly compatible with all devices and screens.


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    Website Maintenance

    We have many website maintenance options available at DigiGround. Our dedicated website hosting gives you more access to server resources and a higher overall site performance. Let us help you keep your website running smoothly.


    Keep your application updated and free from bugs and errors. Mobile app maintenance is necessary for keeping your software running as expected. Here at DigiGround, we have the right maintenance plan to suit your unique needs.


    Website Hosting

    If you are serious about building a successful online business, you need the right website hosting to suit your storage, speed and performance requirements. Our dedicated experts will cater to all your website hosting needs.


    Server Maintenance

    By signing up for DigiGround’s server maintenance plan, you’ll never lose your valuable information due to an error. Find out about our server maintenance plans and get in touch to ensure that you’ll never run into a server issue.

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    Sydney Software Maintenance and Hosting

    Corrective Software Maintenance

    Corrective software maintenance addresses bugs and errors in your software that can impact its design, code and logic. Usually, these errors and faults are identified through bug reports created by customers or users. However, corrective software maintenance will uncover software issues before your customers do, which helps you maintain your organisation’s reputation.

    Adaptive Software Maintenance

    Adaptive software maintenance crucial when changing your software’s environment. Changes can occur to the environment due to the hardware, cloud storage, software dependencies or even changes within the operating system itself. Changing payment processors, updating services or modifying vendors can all necessitate adaptive software maintenance.

    Perfective Software Maintenance

    Perfective software maintenance focuses on improving features and requirements within your software. This type of software maintenance is centred around improving your user’s experience by adding new, essential features and removing ineffective ones. The features that are removed can include those that do not meet your end goals, as well as those that go unused.

    Preventive Software Maintenance

    Preventative software maintenance ensures that your software is continually changing and adapting, which allows it to continue working for a longer amount of time. This prevents your software from becoming obsolete, as it continues to adapt and change. Preventative software maintenance can include optimisation of code and updating documentation as necessary.

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