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Beautiful Words DigiGround Work

Beautiful Words is an organisation dedicated to spreading beauty throughout the world through language. They find words in different languages with no direct English translation and then translate them to English and share them with the world. The words must have a meaning which shows that people are amazing and wonderful and Beautiful Words will take them and spread them around by printing them on different items for people to purchase and share.

Beautiful Words came to us with a completely unique and customised webpage designed by their co-founder but no understanding of how they could make it available on the internet. They had three main functions they wanted to have on their website.

  1. Collect the words and their meanings by allowing visitors to submit them through the site, and then having notifications go to the co-founders to check and approve the words before they appear on the site
  2. Display the words and allow visitors to share them on social media. We did add the twist on the list by adding an algorithm to sort the list based on most shares
  3. An application form for businesses wanting to sell the Beautiful Words to complete and submit, allowing the co-founders to assess the application and approve them if they met the requirements

Beautiful Words DigiGround Work Process

Sam, our resident Front End Development Specialist, analysed the information provided by the team at Beautiful Words and then tried to work out the best way for them to be able to achieve everything they wanted with their website. We initially thought about creating the theme in a free Content Management System like WordPress, but because of the complexity and assorted requirements which didn’t quite match anything available, we decided to start from scratch.

Sam created the pages from scratch using HTML5, CSS and Java Script. He then created an SQL database to store and manage the words and finally created a PHP web app to manage the back end. The entire process took just two days for him to deliver the first draft to the team at Beautiful Words.

They were incredibly happy with the result and worked directly with Sam to make only some very slight changes with the website going live in just 3 days.

Beautiful Words
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Beautiful Words
Beautiful Words is an organisation dedicated to building beauty within the world. Visit our DigiGround Work page to view our web design.
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