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College of Complementary Medicine


College of Complementary Medicine is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast. They offer courses in Complementary Health and Expressive Arts.

Operating since 2000, they are one of Australia’s longest standing and most respected RTOs offering accredited Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications. their mission is to seed successful, busy practitioners in the community who are working to make a difference in the world.

CCM approached DigiGround about designing and developing a new website and ensuring it not only remains at the top of search engine, but optimising the search results to increase visitors and the website to increase inquiries.

College of Complementary Medicine Work Process

When CCM first approached us we provided them with an SEO report detailing some of the errors they had on their website that could be easily fixed by us. We discussed optimising their website for better conversion and worked very closely with them for a plan of action. We built and deployed the main page templates that we thought the page would need and started working with CCM to make adjustments as needed. Because the Vocational Industry is heavily regulated, we worked with them to ensure that their website met all their regulatory requirements while still maintaining an appealing look and feel for users to be engaged and reading the information.

Jon took all new photos for their website banners and staff members and we found the best ones to gain the right message for each page and faculty.

Once the website was live, we then went through a page by page process to improve the conversion and optimisation and will continue to work with them to improve the performance of their website.

College of Complementary Medicine
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College of Complementary Medicine
College of Complementary Medicine is a college based in Sydney which teaches courses in Accredited Courses in Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and others.
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