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The DigiGround Team were flooded with requests recently from supportive readers asking “when our next blog was going to be published?” So, we decided to do something amazing and create our very own DigiGround App. We thought we would lead by example. After all, our clients have them, so why shouldn’t we have one of our very own. The aim of the app was to keep regulars up-to-date in the most convenient way.

Our Tech Team got to work on application development. Our Design Team provided beautiful artwork and our digital marketers thought of the best functionalities users would want to use. The end-result, glorious (if we don’t say so ourselves)! Not only was the app able to cater to all our team’s requests but it has been hugely successful on the app store with over 1000 downloads from the app store, in the first week. Suffice today, we’re pretty impressed with how it all went.

DigiGround App Functions

The DigiGround App allows you to see all our blog posts when they are published in real time. This means you don’t need to go to our website and constantly check to see if there have been any new releases. You’ll receive a notification on your phone when a new blog is published. Pretty awesome huh? But it gets better if you are on the go and do not have time to read them, never fear, with the ‘Saved Blogs’ option, you can save it to your library to read later.

Another great feature of the app is the ability to comment and share. Have direct conversations with the author, speak to others on the blog thread, or tag your friends to join in too! At DigiGround, we encourage readers to share their thoughts and opinions on relevant topics and blogs. We know that your perspective is important and that your voice should be heard!

Why you need an application like the DigiGround App

If you love the DigiGround App and want one similar, then we can create one for you. Our app development is hands down the best in the industry. We will help you to scope out a custom user interface (UI). This means we take into consideration important elements like content, buttons, links, fonts, navigation and forms (to name a few).

All your functionality needs will be taken care of. Beyond our own social app, we’ve created community, membership, gaming, and retail apps for various industries. No project is beyond our capabilities. Let us know your idea and we will be happy to help! Don’t worry we will keep your top-notch, million-dollar idea secret so no-one steals it. We will even sign a disclaimer form stating we won’t take it from you. So get onboard and come meet our tech experts so we can start your application journey today. For more information, visit our application development page found here.

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DigiGround App
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DigiGround App
Our readers were screaming out to be notified when a new article had been published on the DigiGround Blog page, and so the DigiGround App was born.
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