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DigiGround Christmas Card DigiGround Work

DigiGround (that’s us) offers marketing services, lead generation and search engine marketing services, web app and mobile application development, design, email marketing services and social media strategies.

To build brand awareness for DigiGround, demonstrating our creative abilities to a database, showcasing the breadth of our work, and creating engagement and reach with a large new audience we decided to make the DigiGround Christmas Card.

DigiGround Christmas Card DigiGround Work Process

We wanted to design a campaign that offered something of value to a potential new customer base. Because it would be Christmas soon, we wanted it to be fun, encompass a joyful message, offer something of value whilst also providing something interactive.

We decided to go with a list of businesses who may be in the market for our services. And planned to send an interactive card, that could be used to send to colleagues, friends or family.

The branded web-app would have a Christmas theme, and be editable. In 3 easy steps you could:

  1. Choose your card design – Select the location, landscape, weather, vehicle, character and colours.
  2. Personalise your card – Upload your picture and write a message for your loved ones.
  3. Share your card – Click to “Get your link” to share with your friends and family

Once the web-app (which involved graphic design and development) was created, we emailed it to over 300,000 new leads and created paid per click (PPC management) campaigns across Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook. The result was amazing!

The DigiCard was well received. In a short time, 13 days, thousands of cards were created and over 70 countries across the world engaged with the card. The DigiCard Christmas site received over 6,100 visitors and created unique cards which they then shared by email or via social channels. We received great feedback from happy DigiCard users and as a positive knock-on effect the DigiGround Facebook page received over 50 new followers.  It was so successful we decided to do a DigiGround Valentines Challenge.

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DigiGround Christmas Card
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DigiGround Christmas Card
The DigiGround Christmas Card introduced DigiGround to the world. Users could generate a custom card to send to their friends and share on social.
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