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DigiGround Mothers Day Challenge DigiGround Work

The DigiGround Mothers Day Challenge is our latest offering in celebration of a special day, and allows users to picks flowers for their mum and try and get to the top of the leaderboard. We wanted to do a different game mechanic again and discussed amongst ourselves what we had done previously in the Valentines Challenge and Christmas Card App.

The team worked together to come up with an original and challenging idea which is strangely addictive.  It is now available on the Android and on iTunes so try it for yourself! But this comes with a warning that you may not be able to put your phone down so be prepared. This application development is one of many apps we have worked on so if you are looking to have one developed then look no further.  Contact us today to find out all the awesome stuff we can do.

DigiGround Mothers Day Challenge Work Process

For this app we streamlined the process and asked Sam and Cesia to work together to build the app. We gave them a general idea and they went ahead to build the game. Cesia designed all the graphics while Sam made the code. They decided they’d just create an application rather than a web page and so the game was truly born.

We went through a few iterations of the game and demoed it at the WeWork Launch Party DigiGround Showcase. Throughout the night, plenty of people came by and tried out the game on a tablet which was being projected to a television.  The end result is that it was the hit of the night as visitors were challenging each other to try to get to the top of the leaderboard. Most people came back time and time again to try and beat their rivals.

Check out DigiGround Valentines Challenge or DigiGround Christmas Card for another in-house app we made!

DigiGround Mothers Day App
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DigiGround Mothers Day App
The DigiGround Mothers Day Challenge is the latest in our line of special day applications and games. Pick the most flowers and climb the leaderboard.
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