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DigiGround Valentines Challenge DigiGround Work

After the success, of the DigiGround Christmas Card, we decided we needed to follow it up to with something even better. The entire team sat down to brainstorm the creation of something new and interactive for our fans. And so was born the DigiGround Valentines Challenge. We picked Valentine’s Day because it is recognised all over the world and is something people can relate to no matter their race, religion, gender or age.

The team threw out a lot of ideas about what most shows the true spirit of love, and we decided there is nothing better than beating the people you love in some kind of competition. And then telling them that this shows how much you love them!

DigiGround Valentines Challenge Work Process

The team worked together to pick the theme of the event and then delving into the extensive experience of the game players, John and Little Jon, we worked out how we could not only get people to the game, but also coming back to the site. And so the challenge was born. We tasked Sam and Cesia with the design and development of the interactive challenge while everyone else worked on how the challenge could actually work.

There was a lot of ideas thrown into the room and then quickly thrown out, and there were some ideas that we implemented into the game before deciding we din’t like them.

Once we had a functioning model of the DigiGround Challenge the marketing team got together and decided that for this challenge, we’d just use Facebook to spread the love because it was the platform that would engage with the most people in the shortest period of time.

On the first day we just shared it with family and friends but by the time we arrived back to the office the following morning we found that the site had been visited hundreds of times. People just couldn’t get enough, and no one wanted to admit that their partner loved them more.

In just 12 days we had over 4,000 visitors to the page from 15 different countries. Players would attend and average of 10 times each with scores alternating constantly. The website maintained a constant uptime the entire time with our users being able to play it day and night. We gained 60 new likes on Facebook and some absolutely amazing feedback requesting us to make more of the same. We decided internally to continue our trend and find a theme every couple of months to give our friends and fans something to enjoy which can showcase the skills and abilities of all of our amazing team members.

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DigiGround Valentines App
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DigiGround Valentines App
The DigiGround Valentines challenge was the follow up to our successful DigiGround Christmas Card. Users challenged their Valentine to prove their love.
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