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Kingsgrove Academic Printing DigiGround Work

Kingsgrove Academic Printing is a printing supplier for school and colleges. They specialize in the printing of academic publications including catalogues, class schedules, student newspapers, textbooks, journals, and other materials central to the mission of post-secondary and higher learning institutions. Running for 22 years, they offer full service academic printing but they needed a website design and development to broaden their online presence and lead generation.

DigiGround was happy to assist, we understand that a well-designed website offers much more than just aesthetics, they attract visitors and help people understand the unique printing services and brand through the whole design. This encapsulates illustrations, photographs, text and interactions.

Kingsgrove Academic Printing DigiGround Work Process

We kicked the project off with an initial discovery session to understand the client needs and marketing objectives for this website. From there, we could start the project immediately designing the full website and the entirety of its pages in one week! After the client’s quick response of approval, we could start creating content for the individual pages, always keeping search engine optimization in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic. It’s always vital to have engaging content to work with that tells a story.

After developing the WordPress website, through a successful planning and execution could provide a stunning website which catered to their key demographic.

We didn’t stop there…

We continued to measure and test the results of the website pages and defined how the website defined how they display information to visitors. Combining manual browsing of the site on an assortment of devise with automated site crawlers to identify everything from user experience issues to simple broken links.

Only after the website has been meticulously tested and the client is satisfied with the outcome, then, we were able to launch the website!

Kingsgrove Academic Printing
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Kingsgrove Academic Printing
We worked with Kingsgrove Academic Printing to develop their web design and graphic design. Visit our website to see the DigiGround Work we did for them.
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