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The DigiGround NSW vs QLD app was something special we cooked up outside of our normal game cycle. We’d finished the Mothers Day Challenge early and were planning for our next one for July and while looking for a holiday that we could celebrate in the month we realised is was close to the State of Origin. Even though State of Origin starts in May, we thought we’d do something to celebrate it.

John, being a huge Rugby League fan, worked directly with Same and Cesia to create a game that Blues or Maroons fans could play. Sam came up with the brilliant idea of making the scores a team based system where anyone who plays would be adding their score to a pool meaning it could truly become a NSW vs QLD game.

DigiGround NSW vs QLD App Work Process

The first thing that the team had to do was learn about Rugby League. Cesia and Sam had very little experience with how the game was played, the rules and especially what State of Origin is. So they watched a few NRL games, past Origin games and a test match. They then got to work trying to figure out what the game could do.

Together the team decided we’d try to replicate the scoring of tries and the difficulties in moving up the field. While Cesia scoured the internet for an accurate representation of the Rugby League field (not Rugby Union, not Soccer/Football, not NFL), Sam got to work on creating a swipe control system. Swipe was something we hadn’t used in our previous apps and as usual we wanted something new.

And so, the DigiGround NSW vs QLD app was born. It’s available now on the App Store and the Google Play store.

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NSW vs QLD App
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NSW vs QLD App
The DigiGround NSW vs QLD app allows users to show support for their State of Origin team by scoring tries and adding their scores to a combined total.
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