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Project Description


Sonder Australia DigiGround Work

Sonder Australia provides 24/7 remote and in-person support to people in need of assistance. It assists students and travelers through access to new technologies by connecting them to the support they need. From preventative advice on security, safety and welfare issues, to immediate crisis or general welfare response solutions, their team of experienced staff offer dedicated care and support.

Sonder Australia asked us to create a new company website that appealed to both customers, and potential partners. It needed to:

  • Reorganise and expand current content presentation for enhanced search and browse-ability
  • Showcase the suite of Sonder services
  • Increase brand equity and online researchby focusing on solid content additions and user engagement
  • Encourage users to download the app
  • Encourage users to purchase a package or use the Guardian form

Provide detailed information for potential corporate partners

Sonder Australia DigiGround Work Process

We started the process for the website by meeting with the whole Sonder team to discuss in detail their service provision and goals for the site. The company had a unique service, with no real competitors as they had created a service that didn’t exist, that could be accessed via an app.

DigiGround designed and coded a new brand website for Sonder Australia. We optimised content on and off-page for SEO during the process. We added calls to action and customised a payment portal for payments through 2 portals for both the Pacific Asian region.

We added a translation option to the site for both English and Mandarin and we create contact forms to capture leads, with a Guardian form for applications. Including selecting imagery to represent Sonder branding and message.

We worked closely with the client to ensure a smooth delivery within the time frame supplied.

Following the success of the website we continue to work with Sonder for corporate branding such as; email signature, corporate print brochures and a logo refresh.