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Their Shoes DigiGround Work

Their Shoes is the brainchild of the DigiGround Creative Team. To celebrate the launch of Adobe XD, Adobe AUS held a special online event for their followers to create an application design in Adobe XD with the brief “See a Different World.”

We didn’t want to create a typical travel app, and, being socially conscious, we wanted to enable people to see what they normally wouldn’t.

Their Shoes is a video sharing platform where users are only able to upload live recorded video at the time it happens. The video goes through an approval process before being posted on the application. When a user posts a video they nominate WHO they think NEEDS to see the video. And if the video garners enough support, Their Shoes will send it to the nominated person.

DigiGround is incredibly proud to say that we won the #CreativeJamAdobeXD competition with our entry.

Their Shoes DigiGround Demo

Using Adobe XD allows designers to post a working prototype on the internet for everyone to see. You can see our demo here.

We also made a video to help explain the concept which you can watch below:

Their Shoes
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Their Shoes
As part of #CreativeJamAdobeXD and to celebrate the launch of Adobe XD, Adobe AUS ran an online competition and DigiGround won with our entry Their Shoes.
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