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Vantage FX is a Forex provider which gives traders access to global Forex markets through their top-tier FX liquidity providers. Initially, Vantage FX wanted to grow their member base and essentially take their brand awareness to the next level. DigiGround worked closely with Vantage FX, analysing their marketing efforts and saw distinct areas which could be improved. We saw huge potential in expanding their marketing and focus in on the Chinese demographic, which has been known to be more lucrative accounts. We developed a Vantage FX CN Facebook page and marketing plan to enter this arena after the launch of our marketing campaign there has been consistent and tremendous growth.

Vantage FX DigiGround Work Process

The core of penetrating this market, revolved around building an engaged audience around Forex. Due to the inherent social element in building an engaged community, Facebook was a must. DigiGround created a Vantage FX Chinese Facebook page with regularly scheduled posts to nurture our audience generated from ads. Vantage FX, similar to all established experts in their field, have an immense understanding of their target market. Because of this, experts decide to focus in on a very small demographic under their own assumption. This strategy is great for short term and immediate results, however, we always plan and develop strategies and partnerships with clients that grow over the long term.

Facebook has over 2.19 billion monthly active users.

This is great for advertisers as it allows us to target based on specific demographics, however within this huge sea of people, kicking off a marketing campaign with a small, narrowly targeted audience means you are definitely missing various different niche audiences.

Starting Vantage FX CN with broad targeting allowed us to find all prospective traders, and through this strategy, we can begin to narrow our targeting after sifting through the Facebook ad analytics to see who has been clicking. Through this comprehensive approach, we can progressively narrow our audience over time based on people who have shown interest by engaging with our ads. Additionally, as a digital product, users can get access immediately! No manufacturing or shipping time involved and we are able to start bigger and broader earlier. We continue to provide ongoing marketing ideas and optimize our social media campaigns to consistently engage our target audiences and generate leads.

Vantage FX
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Vantage FX
Vantage FX is a Forex provider which gives traders access to global Forex markets. Here is the DigiGround work we did for them.
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