How to Rank
for Keywords

How to Rank
for Keywords


By Ivy Buddee

September 23, 2019

How do you improve your website’s SEO when you’re already doing everything? Turns out you can have a huge presence in search engine results by doing something called ‘domain crowding’. That’s how big companies are always dominating search results. If you do it the right away, it makes for a powerful long-term strategy for your business.

How to Rank for Keywords

What is domain crowding?

The best way to tell you what domain crowding is, is by showing you. Here’s an example of the search results for our client’s name.


You’ll see that 9East Marketing Services holds all the top positions in Google. Domain crowding involves ranking with multiple domains, not just your main website. This increases the chances of a user clicking a result that links to you.

For the right business and under the right circumstances, domain crowding makes a big difference to your SEO results. If you want to basically ‘own’ a keyword, this is a good way to do it.

How to do domain crowding

One of the ways you can do this is by creating secondary sites or profiles that are optimised for your keywords. You’ll need to create completely new websites, which can take lots of time and effort, but will bring the best results. Just make sure you use a new domain name, otherwise Google will penalise you.

Okay, first things first: optimise your secondary sites for SEO. Optimise your site’s speed, upload sitemaps, correct technical errors and make sure it’s optimised for mobile. Make sure your content is unique and easy to read and make use of social bookmarking sites and content submission sites.

Then sit back and… wait. You’re not going to rank for your keywords overnight – even if your SEO technique is perfect. In the meantime, work on creating more great content that people will want to read and generate backlinks to.

If you can pull it off, your search engine results position will improve a lot. You’ll own more first page real estate than your competitors, and that’ll do wonders for your bottom line.

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How to Rank for Keywords
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How to Rank for Keywords
Need help with getting your website to rank for keywords in Google? Contact the DigiGround digital marketing team for SEO management!
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