Increase Your
Email Conversions

Increase Your
Email Conversions


Ivy Buddee
November 11, 2019

So, you’ve spent a lot of time working on your email subscribers list, but now what do you do? Here are a few tactics that’ll help you get email conversions and a positive return on investment (ROI).

Optimise for mobile

Most people are viewing emails on their smartphones. It’s common for someone to take a break from work to grab their phones and look through their emails. If your email isn’t optimised for mobile, it’s going to look cumbersome and bulky. And you might miss out on converting over half of your openers.

Avoid the jargon

If you’re emailing people who aren’t familiar with your industry, you should avoid using jargon. Otherwise you might turn your reader off. Instead, show your reader that you can communicate with them on their level and that you’re there to help them, not confuse them.

Use split testing

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, will help you see which version of an email converts the best. To do it, you’ll need to create two versions of an email, and then use different subject lines, or different content or a different call to action. Only choose one different element at a time. Make sure you send the emails to many recipients to get a true result that’ll help with your marketing efforts.

Good email design

We’re sure you’ve heard that placing a call to action above the fold increases your conversion rate. The same applies with emails. If you want your reader to click a link, make sure it’s above the fold – otherwise, about 70 percent of people won’t see it.

Have a sales funnel

So, you have a reader who has opened your email and clicked your link. Where do you want them to go? If you send them straight to the purchase page, you’re doing it wrong. Most people are still at the beginning of the purchase cycle. Instead, offer them a preview, free resource or reviews. You’ll be more likely to convert them this way. However, you can still add a ‘buy now’ button just in case your lead is ready to purchase.

You want conversions, and without them, you’ll have lots of traffic and no sales. Use the simple tips above to generate more conversions and increase your sales.


Increase Your Email Conversions
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Increase Your Email Conversions
You want conversions, and without them, you’ll have lots of traffic and no sales. Use our tips to increase your email conversions.
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