Make Your Email
Marketing Count

Make Your Email
Marketing Count


Ivy Buddee
January 04, 2021

Email marketing is an art that takes time to master. There is a fine line between writing content people will read and spamming someone’s account. If you are bombarding your customers with crap, then this can affect your brand negatively. Your consumers will see your emails and immediately associate your brand as irritating which defeats the whole purpose. Use these simple guidelines to make your email marketing count.

Make Your Email Marketing Count

Break through the clutter

Engage your customers as individuals. You can do this through tightly positioning your text to your target audience. For example, if your database is twenty-year-old women who have bought a dress once upon a time then your message should be tightly tuned to this behaviour and this only. Keep your text short, simple and sharp. At the end of the day, you need to deliver a message in approximately 100 words. People won’t read pages and pages of information.

Also, be sure to have a call to action (what you want the customer to do) at the end of your email.

Your subject line is the most important

You need, need, need to best utilise all fields of the email. These include the from, to and subject line on the top of the email.  If you are using an email automation system such as Marketo, Mailchimp or Campaigner, there is an awesome tool called A/B testing.  This gives you the power to be able to test the best words for these fields. This takes time and testing, so be patient.

In general, the best tags are no more than five words and get straight to the point. Also, people associate promotional taglines such as “get this item half price” with spam so stay away from these.

Use the analytics tool

A lot of people who incorporate email marketing as part of their digital strategy forget to use the analytic tool. This helps you fine-tune future campaigns. You gather special intel about what text, pictures, call-to-actions and colours to use with your lead database. Hence, you would be crazy not to check this.

There are three types of analytics that will measure the success of your email campaign. These are:

Opens: how many people open your email in their browser.

Click to open: those people who actually double click your email to open it.

Clicks: tell you how many people are pressing your call to action button which may go through to your website, form, shopping cart etc.

Pick your images creatively

Always, always, always include a picture. People tend to respond well to a highly engaging picture. Generally, there are many different types of images that work well. Often shots where people are looking directly at the camera and smiling, are great to use. Also, animals, babies, children, adventure shots encourage engagement. But remember to make sure you tell a clear story with your email marketing. This means all content (text, colours and images) match and are concise.

Nurture your customer

Remember that email marketing takes time. You should nurture your customer depending on their analytic behaviour (opened, clicked to open and clicked).  Hence, their actions should decide what type of email they receive next. This is called nurturing your client.

For any marketing campaign, if your open rate is more than 10%, then this is a success.


Make Your Email Marketing Count
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Make Your Email Marketing Count
Email marketing is an art that takes time to master. Use these simple guidelines from DigiGround to make your email marketing count.
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