DigiGround has relocated to a larger space

Moved Offices

DigiGround has relocated to a larger space
The DigiGround team with friends at the end of the June DigiCommunity event at WeWrok Pyrmont.
Written by Ivy Buddee

July 30, 2018

With the DigiGround team expanding to meet the demand for our application development services, we have decided to move to out of WeWork to a new office space where we can provide for our growing needs. The past 21 months at WeWork have been an amazing ride and we will be forever grateful to the WeWork team for hosting us and giving us a place to call home.

Working closely with all of the amazing, innovative businesses operating out of WeWork has not only given us the opportunity to understand how a creative agency operates, but it has also been great fun too!

DigiGround formed great relationships with many incredible businesses in WeWork that we will continue to support over the years to come. WeWork was always happy to host our Trish and Tan Talk, where we gave businesses and individuals free marketing advice.

We held monthly Coding for Non-Programmers workshops at WeWork that were always popular amongst those who wanted to learn how to manage and develop their own digital products.

Renan Sigolo heads up the Coding For Non-Programmers events at WeWork Pyrmont (left) and WeWork Geroge Street (right).

And WeWork was where we launched each of our DigiGround applications – from our Valentines Day app to the DigiGround app to the youchamp app. We always used these events as a chance to meet like-minded people and learn more about the WeWork community.

DigiGround hosts a Mario Kart Party at WeWork Pyrmont (left), and an award winner at our June DigiGround Community event (right).

It is sad to leave what has become our home, but at the same time, this move gives us the opportunity to take on new challenges from a different space. DigiGround is now located at Suite 8.02, Level 8, 227 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

The new office has a creative fit and is the right size to host all our team members. We will continue to stay in contact with each and every one of you. We look forward to meeting you here on your next visit to DigiGround!