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Advanced Exercise

A brand for a business where health matters.

Advanced Exercise

A brand for a business where health matters.

About Advanced Exercise Physiology

Advance Exercise Physiology is focused on improving the health of all individuals through the highest level of research and implementation of evidence-based programming. As a new, young business, they wanted to develop their online presence and build a brand identity. That’s when they went to DigiGround.

Project Details

Health & Welfare
Web Development, Graphic Design,
eCommerce Websites, Business Websites, Web Page Design Logo & Identity, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing

Advanced Exercise Physiology Objective

The client had a limited budget and a tight schedule, however DigiGround was able to cater to all their branding needs. Advance Exercise Physiology was after branding, website design and website development to boost their online brand and help grow their business.

DigiGrow With Us

    Advanced Exercise Physiology DigiGround Work Process

    The initial meeting kicked off with a definition of the project scope, enabling us to identify key timelines and expectations of the project. The design and development teams gathered information on what the client wanted with their website, their target audience, their key message and their branding. Our graphic designers then started putting together website mock-ups for the client to review. The DigiGround team works in a highly collaborative manner, involving the client every step of the way. Advanced Exercise Physiology provided excellent communication, assisting us by providing quick replies, which drastically sped up the website development process.

    Our talented graphic design team put together a design that remained in full alignment with the Advanced Exercise Physiology brand. We developed an immaculate website with a structured flow. During our initial discovery, we found that the client’s target audience would often go directly to a physiotherapist for their injuries. To address this, we added content to the homepage to educate visitors on the benefits of seeing an exercise physiologist instead of choosing a different a different treatment option. Displaying this unique value proposition clearly on the website would subtlety present an incentive for the visitor to reach out to Advanced Exercise Physiology. This reinforces the goal of having the Advance Exercise Physiology business website – it can generate leads online.

    At DigiGround we always optimise websites to convert visitors to the client’s goal. As an exercise physiologist, the client’s goal was to convert the page visitor into an actual prospective client. We achieve this by creating strong emphasis on the client’s contact number – displaying the client’s contact number in huge font in the header on the homepage ensures it is not missed by the visitor. Furthermore, it adds credibility and assures people that their easily approachable if they have any questions or concerns. Additionally, using a contrasting “Call to Action” button with contrasting colours to stand out and grab the attention of the viewer.

    After publishing the website, we measure and analyse the click through rates closely to ensure these conversion strategies are effective.

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