Project Description

Amjad Khanche

Refining and lifting Amjad Khanche’s online profile.

Amjad Khanche

Refining and lifting Amjad Khanche’s online profile.

About Amjad Khanche

Amjad Khanche is an Australian business entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and investor. He is the founding director and CEO of 9East Marketing Services. Here, he provides strategy and consultation for companies within the corporate sector, tier 2 clients and SMEs, by offering them marketing and business strategies, which are designed to propel them to the next level.

Project Details

Public Relations, Business Consulting
Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing
Corporate Websites, Business Websites, Portfolio Websites, Web page Design, Logo & Identity, Photography, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Content Writing, Website Maintenance

Amjad Khanche Objective

Amjad Khanche approached DigiGround with the request to build his online personal brand. He wanted a professional platform to showcase his skills, knowledge and experience.

And he wanted people to be able to find it. He also wanted to start utilising his chosen social media platforms of LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter.

DigiGrow With Us

    Amjad Khanche DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround started by creating a brand identity package for Amjad. This included creating a logo, videography and photography, followed by a customised brand website. The website aimed to showcase Amjad’s work and personal achievements.

    Our team of digital marketers interviewed Amjad to learn about his personal story, including finding out about his business award success, his views on family and the community, and how his mentors have influenced his business success.

    Our in-house photographer took professional photos of Amjad in different environments for the website. DigiGround’s website designers added and edited the images for the website and did a design audit on the structure, fonts, layouts and imagery.

    The DigiGround social media manager worked with Amjad to teach him how to manage his social media presence and decide which social media platforms would work best for him.

    The website includes imagery and text, links to social media to connect his online presence, and a contact form that captures enquiries.

    We are continuing to work with Amjad Khanche, providing ongoing SEO management, web management, ad-hoc website development and graphic design, blogging and social media management.

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