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Asia Pacific
Defence Reporter

Get the latest industry news with APDR

Asia Pacific
Defence Reporter

Get the latest industry news with APDR

About Asia Pacific Defence Reporter

Asia Pacific Defence Reporter (APDR) is a comprehensive independent industry publication. It is one of Australia’s longest established defence magazine and leading authority in defence reporting in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region providing timely information and analysis relevant to current and future Australian and regional defence. Readers can subscribe to the print magazine which includes subscription to the digital version too.

Project Details

Newspaper, Magazine & Book Publishing
Web Development, Digital Marketing
Corporate Websites, Media Website, Educational Website, Wiki/Community Forum Website, Web Page Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Optimisation, Website Maintenance

Asia Pacific Defence Reporter Objective

APDR was looking to upgrade their website to meet modern standards. They wanted a better way for visitors to read articles, while offering external advertisers, partners and stakeholders with more advertising opportunities.


“They keep the customer at the forefront and have always been available when I need them. The new websites have seen an increase in web traffic as well as higher search rankings. DigiGround provides one main point of contact to ensure a smooth collaboration. The team is hard-working, organized, and timely.”

Marilyn Butler, Asia Pacific Defence Reporter

DigiGrow With Us

    APDR DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround’s development team created a whole new WordPress website for APDR, with the new site designed to display a clearer readable newspaper layout with easy to follow navigation.

    The APDR website was set up by our marketing team for search engine optimisation (SEO). DigiGround worked with APDR to manage their keyword optimisation in search and provide conversion rate optimisation (CRO) suggestions and improvements for their website based on keyword research, user interaction and behaviour. DigiGround continues to provide APDR with ongoing SEO maintenance to ensure that the site is consistently ranking high in search engine results pages.

    We have been providing monthly maintenance of the websites, which includes plugin updates, theme updates, website edits and add-ons and backing up the website so that it runs to its optimum level and continues to enhance the subscriber’s user experience.

    The new advertising spaces on the site provided more display options for advertisers, and better analytics for reporting and scheduling opportunities for website managers. This ultimately has provided a better service for advertisers, as they can see impressions and clicks from their ads to their linked destination.

    DigiGround works with APDR monthly, providing digital support as needed.

    Asia Pacific Defence Reporter (APDR)
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