Project Description

Balmain IT

Rebranding to create a buzz in the community.

Balmain IT

Rebranding to create a buzz in the community.

About Balmain IT Services

Balmain IT services is a newly formed company in the cyber security space. The company includes a managing director with years of experience working in the industry and his team of highly skilled staff members.

Project Details

IT services
Graphic Design
Web Page Design, Logo & Identity, Advertising, Art & Illustration

Balmain IT Services Objective

Balmain IT Services approached DigiGround for logo and corporate branding support. They wanted a brand identity that would appeal to their customers while displaying a relatable and unique persona. Meanwhile, the logo design needed to feel like it belonged together with their branding while having an identity of its own.

DigiGrow With Us

    Balmain IT Services DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround began with an initial design meeting with the client. During this meeting, we learned all about Balmain IT Services and their reason for forming, their background, their range of services, their company culture and their future targets. During this initial meeting, we discussed the client’s goals for their branding to gain a better understanding of where to take the design work.

    Working collaboratively, we defined a direction for the logo style and colour. Our graphic design team worked to understand the preferences of the key decision makers and created a personality that could be presented through the branding.

    Our graphic designers created branding that was targeted towards their prospective customers. This, together with their website design and brand guidelines, formed a foundation for their growing business. Balmain IT’s new brand identity represents them effectively, while still retaining links to their past designs.

    While providing them with branding support, DigiGround encouraged Balmain IT to expand the advertising options on their website. This gave them more display options, better analytics for reporting and scheduling opportunities for site managers.

    The design services we provided Balmain IT Services was a success and exceeded their goals and expectations. DigiGround looks forward to continuing to work with Balmain IT Services.

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