Project Description

Bayside BEC

Reinventing the Bayside BEC digital platform.

Bayside BEC

Complete branding for adroit RTO assessment professionals.

About Bayside BEC

Bayside BE is a community-based, not for profit, non-political organisation that has its roots in a partnership with local businesses and the City of Botany Bay Council created to assist in local economic development. Their goal is to foster economic development and employment in the Bayside region through helping businesses to grow and connect. They offer cost-effective business services aimed at helping both start-ups and established businesses of all sizes to propel their business growth.

Project Details

Business Consulting
Web Development, Graphic Design
Corporate Website, Business Website, Web Page Design, Search Engine Optmisation, Content Writing, Conversion Optimisation

Bayside BEC Objective

DigiGround was involved in the redesign of Bayside BEC’s website. This work involved set up for all the staging for development of the website, installation of basic plugins, installation of the Avada WordPress theme, WooCommerce plugins, an event calendar plugin and the setup of Stripe and PayPal payment options.


“It is a breath of fresh air to find a digital agency that is competent, efficient and genuine. I have been working with Digiground for a few months and have found John and the team to be extremely knowledgeable about web design, SEO, lead generation and all things digital marketing. You would be surprised at how many other digital marketing agencies/specialists lack much of this knowledge. With my first digital project with Digiground, they are providing a quality service with fast turnaround times. As a client, I really appreciate how they take the time to find tailored solutions for my needs and are a pleasure to work with. No doubt I will be discussing another digital project with them shortly.”

Isabelle Durkin, Bayside BEC

DigiGrow With Us

    Bayside BEC DigiGround Work Process

      Upon receiving the brief and learning about the requirements of the new Bayside BEC website, DigiGround’s design and development teams began working on eight pages for the new website. Our graphic designers selected engaging imagery to be used throughout the website. Through the content, writing and image placements we aimed to show how Bayside BEC would provide useful and unique services to businesses.

      Call-to-actions were added to the site along with a customised contact form. These were placed strategically to tell visitors what action to take next to continue interacting with the website, encouraging them to move further down the conversion funnel.

      Our search engine optimisation team assessed the website, user base and industry and compiled a list of relevant keywords to target on the website. DigiGround then reviewed the website content to ensure that it was optimised for the keywords. We adjusted the meta tags, content and image tags for the eight pages we developed and submitted the sitemap to search engines. This would help search engine crawlers find the site.

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