Project Description

Bayside Women’s

Renovating the branding and SEO for an NFP.

Bayside Women’s

Renovating the branding and SEO for an NFP.

About Bayside Women’s Shelter

Bayside Women’s Shelter is a best practice women’s shelter location in Sydney’s South East. They provide safe, temporary supported accommodation for women and children who are escaping homelessness and domestic violence. Bayside Women’s Shelter supports all women of any age, sexuality, linguistic and cultural diversity, mental illness and disability.
They prioritise the allocation of beds to women and children who are escaping family and domestic violence first, while also offering shelter and support for homeless women whenever possible. Their shelter educates the local community and supports early prevention and intervention of domestic and family violence.

Project Details

Graphic Design, Digital Marketing
Logo & Identity, Art & Illustration, Brochure and Print Design, Search Engine Optimisation

Bayside Women’s Shelter Objective

Bayside Women’s Shelter needed to grow their online presence to reach their target market, generate new corporate partnerships and encourage donations. They found that they weren’t appearing high in search engine results for important keywords. As well as this, they felt it was now time to update their brand design with a leading graphic design agency in Sydney and approached DigiGround as a result.

DigiGrow With Us

    Bayside Women’s Shelter DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround’s branding experts began the renovation by assessing the images on the client’s website. The images chosen stirred emotions such as sadness and hopelessness, but DigiGround believed that the images should be more optimistic and hopeful. Our Sydney graphic designer chose suitable images and presented them to the client for their approval.

    Bayside Women’s Shelter realised that they needed new branding material to present to potential partners and sponsors. Our team got to work creating print and digital collateral, including branding guidelines and a sponsorship package. These maintain strong links to the original Bayside Women’s Shelter branding collateral with detail, simplicity and quality at the heart. The material effectively captures the essence of their organisation, giving them a contemporary appeal that enables them to connect with potential partners and sponsors.

    At the same time as we created new branding material, our digital marketing experts got to work optimising the client’s website for search engine ranking. After completing an initial website audit, DigiGround identified some technical issues that needed to be fixed. By fixing these issues and identifying longtail keywords to target, we were able to compile an SEO plan and began its implementation.

    Through comprehensive on-site SEO and backlink diversification, we were able to improve the website’s performance and make it more visible to Google. Our combined branding and SEO work has allowed Bayside Women’s Shelter to capture a huge number of potential sponsors and corporate partners.

    Bayside Women’s Shelter
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