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CK Employment

Simply a better way to find work.


Simply a better way to find work.

CK Employment Services is a startup aiming to innovate the employment industry. Ck Employment’s business plan is second to none, and DigiGround were lucky enough to deploy their website.

They has the concept to start a business to reengineer the job market, and to make this happen, they needed a pretty spick span website to match.

CK Employment Services Objective

CK Employment briefed us in 30 short minutes on what type of website they wanted us to create. In short, they needed to connect their customers to CK Employment Services. From scratch, our website developers needed to ensure that the website catered to their two main markets: employers and job-seekers.

We also assisted CK Employment with a logo design refresh. We took their current logo and provided them with a logo file pack that included different colour scales, sizes and file types to help them make sure that their partners are also able to best match the designs when using the CK logo.

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CK Employment Services DigiGround Work Process

CK Employment were on a tight time schedule, which meant that our website developers needed to be quick with their planning and deployment.

The development team decided to go with a fully-customised PHP system as this would better suit the client’s needs. This meant installing a tailor-made content management system to capture the data entered by companies and applicants. The DigiGround web developers created this with ease. The client was able to walk away with a completely specialised data system to connect stakeholders to business opportunities.

The PHP system was so user-friendly that CK Employment was able to access the backend of the website and manage all competencies of data without the assistance of DigiGround’s web team. Our developers were very proud of the way they worked together to implement such a seamless website in a short period of time.

CK Employment Services
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