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Crazy Might Work

Time to recode the rules in idea management.

Crazy Might

Time to recode the rules in idea management.
Crazy Might Work are a world-leading innovation strategy and consulting firm, working with organisations and beyond, to co-create disruptive, game-changing solutions. Much like their inventive and memorable name their approach to strategy is outside the box and well received by its well-known clients.

Crazy Might Work Objective

Crazy Might Work approached DigiGround to create a custom ideation gamification platform which would help to scale innovation across an organisation. From here, Feisty Fish® was born.

Crazy Might Work DigiGround Work Process

DigiGround began with an initial scoping session including developers and designers to understand the project and goals. The project request was to create a custom animated ideation gamification platform for web and mobile, that would be used interdepartmentally to assess and encourage creative ideas, communication and problems, within organisations between staff and managers.

DigiGrow With Us

    The game would be called Feisty Fish. People would generate an unlimited number of ideas as ‘fish’ in a ‘fish tank’ that must be ‘fed’ by colleagues to survive! Executives (masquerading as ocean creatures) mentor and challenge ideas to create more robust solutions.

    The platform was created in PHP. It included front and backend development by the DigiGround app development team to create the main portal and an admin portal. Animations were provided by an external designer chosen by the client and given to DigiGround to add to the platform.

    All development work was carried out inhouse, as we do not outsource anything. This allows us to manage projects carefully, provide transparent communication, stick to timelines and keep unique ideas (such as this) private.

    Feisty Fish® has now been operating for a year and has been trailed by major companies within NSW. DigiGround’s app development continues to work with Crazy Might Work, providing ongoing development of the platform according to their demands and the growth of their userbase.

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