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DigiGear will give you a fully-functioning website in one business day.


DigiGear will give you a fully-functioning website in one business day.

During our time as a leading marketing and digital agency, DigiGround has come across a large variety of customers. One specific type that we identified was the small or startup business which required their websites to be quick and cheap. And so, the DigiGear concept was born. People could visit the DigiGear website to buy a complete website package, customise their own website package and even purchase individual items, such as logos and website hosting. They can purchase their needs straight from the website and the process happens immediately.

The websites are pre-built templates which are ready to go with a limited number of words and images that are all pre-selected. Once the customer buys what they need and completes a simple form, their website can be ready within one business day. The websites are simple and easy, and the customers can be proud of their website. After their website has gone live, users can purchase additional support and edits for a reduced cost.

DigiGear Objective

Our client services manager was continually telling us some of the people he was talking to were not ready or able to commit to a fully customised and optimised digital marketing strategy, so he conceived this project. A cheap and easy website that was of a high quality that could be deployed quickly.

The work involved collaboration between the graphic design, digital marketing and website development teams. We worked out a great price point and process for delivery to ensure that customers would be getting our highest-quality work at the cheapest price possible.

DigiGrow With Us

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DigiGear DigiGround Work Process

We did some brainstorming sessions on how we could handle the customisations and adjustments that may be needed after the website was complete. That meant that we had to work out the entire process during our initial planning stage. We gave users the option of contacting us for support and adjustments and created a pay-as-you-use option instead of asking customers to commit to a regular payment. This enabled small and new business to get online quickly and grow their presence as they build their business.

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