Project Description

Echelon Learning

A custom website development approach leads to greater success

Echelon Learning

A custom website development approach leads to greater success

About Echelon Learning

Echelon Learning has an English language learning program that uses smart-pen technology with AI responses. They offer customised education programs to customers that suit their desired outcomes. Some of the services and products they offer are mobile apps, training materials, digital textbooks and teacher-trainer stations.

Project Details

Web Development, Digital Marketing
eCommerce Website, Business Website, Web Page Design, Logo & Identity, Videography

Echelon Learning Objective

Echelon Learning has a great, innovative product on the market that they wanted to promote further. To make this possible, they needed a fresh website design to pique the interest of potential customers and partners. The main goal of the website was to drive conversions by teaching visitors about their smart-pen. The client also required a logo design and videography.

DigiGrow With Us

    Echelon Learning DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround started the web development by creating website template designs that could present all the information they had clearly and easily. Visually, the website design would give off a ‘high end’ feel that matches the high-quality of the products sold by Echelon. The web design also reflected the brand’s colour scheme and provided detailed product information.

    The client had a preference of colours to be used in their logo design. Using the chosen blue, silver and white colour scheme, we created logo variations for the client.

    Echelon found it imperative that they had videos that taught customers how to use their pen and application. DigiGround has an inhouse videographer with all the resources and skills to provide Echelon with something that will have an impact on their customers. Our videographer produced and edited two videos for Echelon. The first was a pen and application tutorial that showcased their cutting-edge technology while teaching users how the pen works. The second was an online training video for education providers.

    The DigiGround team did a fantastic job with the website and branding, and delivered exceptional, high quality videos for Echelon to use as they liked.

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