Project Description


Increasing sales for a pioneering product.


Increasing sales for a pioneering product.
EzyPour is a gravity free pouring device which catches the eye of the patron. The client sought to break into the hospitality industry with this innovative product. The business plan was simple, but the client had no internal marketing team so needed help with an entire eCommerce website deployment and corporate identity to get them started.

EzyPour Objective

The DigiGround web development and graphic design teams came together to outline three key components to getting EzyPour started:

  1. A fully customised website which functioned as an online store allowing customers to be able to order online, make payments and receive receipts.
  2. A brand identity so a logo and corporate guidelines needed to be made from scratch.
  3. Corporate images and a video displaying how the product functioned.
DigiGrow With Us

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EzyPour DigiGround Work Process

DigiGround’s graphic design, web development and digital marketing teams came together to collaborate on this project. Within a short period of time, the team had a plan of action to turn their vision into a reality. While the website was under development as we created a custom online store, the graphic design team was working on making EzyPour’s brand identity and imagery. Our in-house videographer also produced a video detailing the product’s use.

Once the branding guidelines were created, the colours, fonts and logo were deployed to the website. DigiGround digital marketing team decided it would be best to position the video as the main image of the website, because the product is quite unique and needed to be the first thing potential customers saw when they landed on the website.

In just two days, EzyPour had their custom-made logo, photographs, video, corporate guidelines and a website catering to selling their product online in any quantity. And in just one month, EzyPour has attracted traffic to their online shop, resulting in many conversions.

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