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ID. Know

A new look for an Aboriginal-led not-for-profit organisation.

ID. Know

A new look for an Aboriginal-led not-for-profit organisation.

About ID. Know Yourself

ID. Know Yourself is an Aboriginal-led not for profit mentoring organisation that supports Aboriginal children and young people in Out of Home Care (foster care), as well as those who have contact with the juvenile justice system. The organisation places a focus on culture in their trauma-informed mentoring program for Aboriginal young people within the Out of Home Care system.

Project Details

Web Development, Graphic Design
Brochure Website, eCommerce Website, Business Website, Media Website, Web Page Design, Art & Illustration

ID. Know Yourself Objective

They engaged the DigiGround digital design team to create a fresh and progressive website design that would capture their image as a trusted, professional, friendly and experienced Aboriginal-focused organisation. It is important that Aboriginal children in out of home care receive the mentoring and guidance they need to connect with their cultural heritage. Therefore, it was important that the website design was optimised to capture potential partners, sponsors and contributors.


“DigiGround did a great job of not only redesigning our website, ID. Know Yourself, according to our goals and vision, but they also provide us with ongoing support by teaching us how to manage our website ourselves. I highly recommend them as your go-to website design company for their proven professional excellence.”

Annie Barker, ID. Know Yourself

DigiGrow With Us

    ID. Know Yourself DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround created a comprehensive website design anchored in elegant simplicity with a pinch of personality. The website design focuses on trustworthy expertise and authentic care. Supported by a clean, strong typography, the new website is a visual nod to the organisation’s emphasis on providing Aboriginal young people with support and connections to their cultural heritage.

    To encourage donations and contributions, prominent CTA buttons feature throughout the website. Our use of a handprint icon draws the user’s attention to these buttons and reaches out to the user to draw them in to learn more about ID. Know Yourself.

    The website design brings the ID. Know Yourself brand identity to life in the digital space, combining spots of blue with soft grayscale imagery of carers and young people engaging in a natural, caring manner. On this simple design foundation, our content writer built a tone of voice for the organisation that is approachable and familiar.

    The new website design successfully captures the client’s brand personality and their dedication to helping Aboriginal young people in out of home care.

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