Project Description


Transforming the way Australians shop.


Transforming the way Australians shop.
InLocal is an app start up with a vision to help Australians find business, restaurants and shops based on the user’s location. Their goal is to facilitate the process of people finding what they’re looking for.

InLocal Objective

InLocal approached DigiGround to gain a focused strategy for their application and its features, functions and purpose.
They also wanted to us to help them with their application development plan and build.

DigiGrow With Us

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InLocal DigiGround Work Process

We kicked off with a discovery session, where we analysed the app’s functions and homed in on core features that small business owners would look for within an app. Our goal was to connect customers with businesses nearby. One of the largest advantages of having a mobile app is that all the information businesses would like to provide to their customers, including special sales and promotions are right at their fingertips. Additionally, apps offering push notifications bring businesses even closer to a direct interaction and can easily remind customers about their products and services based on location.

Due to the sheer volume of people constantly searching for restaurants, activities, events and things to do, it was crucial to determine how InLocal would be valued by consumers and how InLocal would add overall value to their businesses.

After initial planning, we moved onto app prototyping. Our UX designers drafted designs after gaining a clear vision of who our target users were. Mapping out these prototype designs allowed our developers to begin coding the fundamental app interactions and we discovered some technical limitations which we could only possibly find after using the app. Once we had a thorough user flow and design, it was time to bring the greyscale wireframes to life.

We used drops of subtle light blue and grey to contrast with a strong photographic background of shop fronts, streets and businesses. Through several design iterations, we utilised more white space to create balance in the designs where the user was to input information such as signup forms and profile pages, keeping the appearance professional, clean and easy to navigate. Despite all the challenges brought on from this app prototype, we are excited about the outcome and look forward to building this project further.

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