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Karst Stone

See how we delivered a conversion increase for an online business.

Karst Stone

See how we delivered a conversion increase for an online business.

About Karst Stone Paper

Karst Stone Paper produces design-oriented and sustainable notebooks, planners and pencils. They are aiming to reduce waste by using calcium carbonate in their paper instead of traditional materials. What results is a more durable product that is waterproof and tear-resistant.

Project Details

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

Karst Stone Paper Objective

Karst came to us with specific needs: they wanted to drive their leads and conversions from very specific niches within their industry. They wanted to begin display and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to capture new and relevant traffic that would allow their business to grow and expand.

DigiGrow With Us

    Karst Stone Paper DigiGround Work Process

    We designed and developed a landing page, Google Ads search engine marketing (SEM) campaign and a remarketing campaign. We used both demographic-based and topic-based targeting to capture audiences that were most likely to buy from Karst. These campaigns were continually optimised to ensure their effectiveness.

    Our digital marketing team promoted Karst Stone Paper as on Google Ads through a highly-targeted paid search campaign. We launched a Google display campaign to promote Karst’s products and maximise their lead quality and quantity.

    To connect more shoppers with Karst, DigiGround launched a PPC campaign on Facebook to drive more traffic and conversions. We used segmented advertising to make each ad more targeted and therefore effective.

    The very first results of our PPC and SEM campaigns were promising. DigiGround has pushed a significant increase in conversions through the website without impacting the cost-per-click (CPC). Karst’s conversions have grown by over 174% in the first 3 months. Karst has since seen steady growth that has translated over time into loyal and converting customers.

    Karst continues to generate quality leads through their digital marketing campaigns, allowing their business to grow and succeed. DigiGround values the time we spent working with Karst and hopes to collaborate again in future.

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