Project Description

Medicus College

A complete redesign of their online presence.

Medicus College

A complete redesign of their online presence.

About Medicus College

Medicus College is an RTO, offering quality education in information technology, telecommunications, leadership and management. Courses are offered at their Canberra, St Leonards and Adelaide campuses, which house students from over 20 nationalities. They offer students flexible study options and equip them with the latest industry-relevant skills and knowledge.

Project Details

Graphic Design, Web Development
Web Portals, Web Maintenance, Brochure & Print Design

Medicus College Objective

Due to new education industry regulations, it was important that Medicus College updated their website to meet these standards. DigiGround has provided business solutions for many colleges across Australia, and with this expertise, we set to work transforming the Medicus College.

DigiGrow With Us

    Medicus College DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround built a new, customised WordPress website complete with design and imagery. The chosen images capture the College’s diversity and inclusion, while capturing their professionalism and high value. We added a more diverse colour palette, going from their original green palette to something more appropriate for their market, and updated the fonts and styles. The result was a more honest and fresher look for the website.

    DigiGround also offered the client weekly website maintenance services and on-site training on an ad-hoc basis.

    Our copywriter set to work putting together all the content for the website. They worked alongside a compliance manager to ensure accuracy and compliance. There are stringent education regulations in Australia it was very important that the site complied with all the TESQA rules and procedures.

    DigiGround also managed the installation of Medicus’ student management system, learning management system (LMS) and Microsoft Licensing. We assisted them with their Moodle LMS integration to SolzRBM and ZERO integration to SolzRBM.

    The result of the project was a fully-compliant website that was accurate, informative and attractive. DigiGround is proud of the work we have done for Medicus College and wishes that we could continue helping the client with their business solutions needs.

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