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Pollinate Energy

Enabling a social enterprise in India to help alleviate poverty.


Enabling a social enterprise in India to help alleviate poverty.
Pollinate Energy is a non-profit organisation that provides renewable energy to those living in the urban slums of India and Nepal. They want to empower women to lead their communities out of poverty by providing fellowship programs that equip them to break the cycle of poverty.

Pollinate Energy Objective

Pollinate Energy offers affordable products that supporters can buy, and the proceeds raised go towards funding their initiative. But to make this plan more effective, they needed a high-quality ecommerce website that users can navigate easily. They also wanted to build their online presence and promote their cause to a wider audience.

Pollinate Energy
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Pollinate Energy DigiGround Work Process

As part of DigiGround’s DigiCare program (we donate 1% of our time to any non-profit that needs it) we updated Pollinate Energy’s ecommerce components, optimised their website for search engine optimisation (SEO) and set up their search engine marketing (SEM).

We audited the site to find ways to better optimise pages for conversion and search engine rankings. The order of products in the ecommerce store were changed, and the images were refreshed with more professional, persuasive and descriptive photos of products. We changed some product names to make them simpler to understand and more self-explanatory.

DigiGround added a simple one-liner to the top of all pages to improve SEO and inform visitors why they should support Pollinate Energy. The newsletter sign up form was changed to something simpler and the domain was changed to allow us to track engagements.

With DigiGround’s help, Pollinate Energy now ranks first in search engine results for their name. At the time of writing, Pollinate Energy has experienced a 627% growth in visitors since they started working with us. DigiGround continues to provide ongoing SEO management services and is proud to support their organisation and its cause.

Pollinate Energy
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