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Creating an online community of dog lovers.

About Puppi Lovers 

Puppi Lovers is the biggest community for all things dog. Puppi Lovers is a combined dog owner dating app and business directory app within a single platform. It gives dog owners everything they need: the ability to meet other dog lovers, find dog friendly places, find dog-related services, find breeders and start dog breeding. Single dog owners can also use Puppi Lovers to find their perfect match – or simply set up a puppy play date.

Project Details

App Development, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design
Art & Illustration, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Platform as a Service, Social Media Apps, eCommerce Websites, Business Websites, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Page Design, App Design, Logo & Identity

Puppi Lovers Objective

The client approached us with an idea he had for a new dating app. He found that dog owners had trouble dating those who don’t own dogs, since the dog is an ongoing responsibility and must take priority over other things in their lives. The client had no experience with building mobile software, so he came to DigiGround to see what we could do for him. After an initial workshop, we came up with an MVP that comprised of a dog dating app, dog-related business directory and a discount and offers platform.

DigiGrow With Us

    Puppi Lovers DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround started the project by creating a design for the app. The client gave our designers some ideas for how he would like the user interface to look, which helped us to kick start the app design process. We outsourced a professional animator to work in house with us to produce animations for the app. The animator also collaborated with our graphic designer to produce a unique avatar builder for the chat section of the app.

    While this was taking place, we put together the written content for the website. The content had an emphasis on the business partnership and charity aspects of the app, which were important parts of the Puppi Lovers business model. Once the content was completed, the design team put together a website design that fit the content as well as followed the app’s brand guidelines.

    The client visited us frequently to provide feedback on our work. This allowed us to quickly get all the design work made and approved in time for the actual app development.

    The app development went smoothly. After vigorous testing on different mobile devices, and stress testing under different conditions, our Sydney app developers finalised the app within only a few short months. To support the launch of the app, DigiGround has also been providing the client with extensive digital marketing work in the form of social media management, pay-per-click advertising, blog writing and SEO management.

    Puppi Lovers is currently live on the App Store. Please visit for more information.

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