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Transforming the industry by providing a new digital platform.


Transforming the industry by providing a new digital platform.

About Royale Limousines

Founded in 1989, Royale Limousines has grown to be the largest privately-owned luxury fleet company in Australia. Since then, they have been helping thousands of customers reach their destination. They specialise in airport and city transfers, roadshows, conferences and events, private tours and concierge service for VIPs.

Project Details

App Development, Graphic Design
Mobile Apps, Platform as a Service, Utility Apps, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, App Design, Logo & Identity, Art & Illustration

Royale Limousines Objective

Royale Limousines’ main client is hotels. They currently utilise an in-house system that is using database calls to display the status of their driver on jobs. The clients are able to login and view the status, but not much other information about the jobs. Royal Limousines would like to be able to show their clients the live location of their drivers once a job has been assigned.

DigiGrow With Us

    Royale Limousines DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround began the job by creating an application design. The app’s design followed the best practices while retaining an on-brand experience. We based the design on the existing branding to appeal to users and to make it feel like a Royale Limousines product. The result was a clean, high quality design for the application.

    After the design was approved, DigiGround began the backend API development and frontend development. We integrated the latest cutting-edge technology to enhance the app’s usability and make it simple to navigate. The application required Google Maps development and implementation to allow for location tracking.

    DigiGround’s development team is still in the process of building the app. Once the app is complete, it will be given to the client for UAT before we can make final edits to the app and publish it to the app stores.

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