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Empowering people to do better business.


Empowering people to do better business.

About SmartB

SmartB is a mobile application that allows businesses to advertise their services and individuals to find those services. SmartB connects customers with qualified professionals automatically through the app. The mobile apps can be used to find quotes, organise call-outs, discuss services with businesses, track GPS locations, send invoices and make and receive direct payments.

Project Details

Business Services
Graphic Design, Web Development
Mobile Apps, Platform as a Service, Utility Apps, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, App Design, Logo & Identity, Art & Illustration, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Advertising, Animation, Photography, Content Writing, Website Maintenance

SmartB Objective

The client came to our Sydney digital marketing agency to develop their application, SmartB, from scratch. They wanted two versions of the application: one for businesses and the other for general users. They also wanted complete branding, logo design, website design and development and SEO management.

DigiGrow With Us

    SmartB DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround started the project by sitting down with the client to discuss their goals for the application. We came up with functionalities to be added to the app, selling points, brand colours and different use cases. With all the key components in mind, we began planning the application development.

    Before the application could be developed, our app designers needed to create an effective user interface. The DigiGround graphic design team worked collaboratively with the client to determine SmartB’s colours, fonts, imagery, graphics and logo. They decided to differentiate the two apps by assigning a different colour palette to each one.

    After the application design was decided, DigiGround’s developers began building the application from scratch. Regular testing was done along the way to make sure everything was functioning correctly, and that the app was headed in the right direction.

    Our web designers and developers worked together with the client to produce an attractive and effective design for their website. The website is still in its early days, but it complements the applications and provides the same functionalities as them.

    To make sure that people could find SmartB online, our digital marketers set up the website for SEO by ensuring that the content was effectively targeting important keywords. We have been providing weekly blog writing services to give the site dynamic content to ensure that it ranks highly in search engines.

    The SmartB work process has been extensive and rewarding, requiring the contributions of all our team members. While the project isn’t yet complete, SmartB is on track to take the industry by storm. You can read more about the project on our SmartB case study page.
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