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Sports Focus

A digital-first approach to marketing.

Sports Focus

A digital-first approach to marketing.

About Sports Focus Physiotherapy

Sports Focus Physiotherapy specialise in all physiotherapy health and welfare treatments. They provide special care to their patients through their eight locations (Wynyard, Town Hall, Liverpool, Northbridge, Castle Hill, Willoughby, Macarthur and Mount Pritchard) in Sydney.

Project Details

Health & Welfare
Graphic Design, Web Development
Brochure Website, Business Website, Web Page Design, Art & Illustration, Photography, Search Engine Optimisation. Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Conversion Optimisation, Content Writing, Website Maintenance

Sports Focus Physiotherapy Objective

Sports Focus Physio came to DigiGround for help to expand their business that had grown to a great level but had since plateaued. They were looking for a new website, search engine optimisation (SEO), conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising support. They wanted more transparency on strategy, decision making and reporting. The Sydney physio team were looking to see more details and focus on improving the conversions from website to locations to booking.

DigiGrow With Us

    Sports Focus Physiotherapy DigiGround Work Process

    DigiGround created a new WordPress website for Sports Focus Physiotherapy, set up for SEO and CRO, providing content writing and photography assistance. We then worked with them to manage their SEO monthly, and provided CRO suggestions and improvements for their website, based on user interaction and website conversions. We setup and managed their Google AdWords campaigns monthly and have worked to reduce the Cost Per Lead (CPL), providing more details and focus on improving conversions from website to locations to booking.

    We increased their ad clicks by up to 147% in some locations and decreased their average cost-per-click from $4.00 to under $2.00. We implemented a click to call option for locations, with individual phone numbers, so that they could receive more calls and improve their booking system and rate, per location and track conversions more effectively.

    DigiGround continues to provide maintenance for the Sports Focus website. This includes plugin updates, website edits and add-ons and backing up the site so that it runs to its optimum level. We also provide monthly support in SEO, CRO and PPC. DigiGround has proudly worked with Sports Focus for over two years now and is on-hand to provide digital marketing support around social media and content writing and branding.

    Positively, since working with us, Sports Focus has opened a new location in Macarthur and Town Hall in the Sydney CBD.

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