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St Francis

Capturing a Catholic school’s spirit and identity in print.

St Francis

Capturing a Catholic school’s spirit and identity in print.

About St Francis Xavier

St Francis Xavier is a Catholic co-educational primary school located in Ashbury, New South Wales. DigiGround has worked with St Francis Xavier for the past two years, creating their market-leading annual yearbook. Their students perform well above the national and state average in NAPLAN testing and have received recognition from the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) for ongoing student growth.

Project Details

Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, App Development
Art & Illustration, Books & Magazines, Brochure & Print Design

St Francis Xavier Objective

The St Franic Xavier yearbook is a vital piece of their annual collateral. It represents their school’s spirit and identity, uniting their whole school community with a sense of pride and belonging. The School demands precise accuracy and exceptional quality across both design and production, which is why they have turned to DigiGround to create their annual yearbook.


“I cannot recommend DigiGround highly enough. They are highly professional and their dedication to their clients and projects is amazing. Their attention to detail ensures that you get what you ask for and more. They are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the solution is second to none.
Each team member has an exceptional skills set and use this to get the very best for their client. You will not find a more dedicated group to do work for you. They are truly professional and will ensure that they meet the needs of their client. “

Sarah Anzellotti, St Francis Xavier

DigiGrow With Us

    St Francis Xavier DigiGround Work Process

    When St Francis Xavier approached DigiGround to manage the annual yearbook project, they set very clear requirements. The yearbook needed to have a functional and clean design, capturing their school’s identity and essence, while also being produced within a tight timeframe. Our graphic designers successfully met all the challenges of this project, delivering an aspirational and stylish yearbook without any delays.

    We expertly handled all design work, content creation, proofreading and production, allowing us to meet their high standards. Our design team’s ability to achieve such outstanding results within a short lead-time meant that St Francis Xavier’s administration team was free to focus on other important school projects and administrative work.

    Appropriate typefaces were chosen to reflect the school’s branding, and the use of greens and whites reminded readers that this is a St Francis Xavier yearbook. Their school emblem sat prominently on each page of the yearbook, giving it the heroic status it deserved. The final product had a magazine-like feel to the flexible grid allowing for short and long chapters.

    DigiGround continues to work with St Francis Xavier, producing their yearbooks on an annual basis.

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