Project Description


The making of a market leader.


The making of a market leader.
Twillis provides a centralised global platform that allows agents and buyers to connect for off the plan properties, new developments and exclusive commercial listings in national and global markets. Through the Twillis platform, all listings, connections, the entire sales process, are all seamlessly conducted and accessible in real-time.

Twillis Objective

Twillis approached DigiGround to design two email templates: one for agents and one for buyers. Our designers worked with Twillis to understand their request, their goal and their messaging.

They looked at their branding, and keeping it consistent throughout the messaging, they worked on providing templates that would meet their objective. The result was attractive and served its goal.

DigiGrow With Us

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Twillis DigiGround Work Process

Our graphic design team put together the email template designs. Once this was approved by the client, our website development team converted the design to HTML, ensuring that it was compatible for all email inboxes. We then delivered this template to the Twillis team for future use.

Following this, we worked with Twillis to shoot photos of their team. They were looking for professional representation, with head shots they could use on the website or within social media profiles. Our in-house photographer was able to capture the team in front of various backgrounds, providing options for the team and company founders.

DigiGround has continued to work with Twillis on an ad-hoc basis. Recently, we worked with Twillis to create a responsive Mailchimp email distribution marketing (EDM) design. The client was looking for the EDM to be adaptive drag and drop so they could continue to adapt it for future campaigns. Their preferred design was a combination of images and text. However, whenever Twillis added these features to their Mailchimp email, there would be slight gaps in the design where the images met the blocks of text. DigiGround worked alongside the client, and after much persistence, we were able to get the design to where the client needed, solving their problem.

DigiGround continues to provide Twillis with ad-hoc marketing advice and business services when needed.

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