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U Transform U

An inspiring campaign to inspire people.

U Transform U

An inspiring campaign to inspire people.

About U Transform U

U Transform U is a life transformation coach located in Sydney. They offer services to people looking to improve their life and start making decisions on the road to improvement.

Project Details

Mental Health Care
Graphic Design, Web Development
Business Website, Personal Website, Web Page Design, Logo & Identity, Art & Illustration, Search Engine Optmisation, Content Writing

U Transform U Objective

U Transform U was a brand-new company that needed a complete branding workup including logo, style, guidelines, new businesses cards and everything else they would need. DigiGround worked with the founder, Slawka Tymosiewicz, to create a stylised concept brand to show how she can help to transform her clients through conversation and guidance. The client needed a website that would engage and encourage people to sign up for services, as well as allowing Slawka to publish her writing to her existing and potential clients.


“DigiGround makes you feel straightaway like you are welcome there; with all your questions, uncertainty, not knowing what you really want, feeling lost…and they make all these fears go away. They sit with you and spend as much time as necessary to create a plan, so you are clear what your next step should be. They guide you where you need to be guided but they push you where you need to make a decision. Patience, knowledge and friendliness of DigiGround team is priceless.”

Slawka Tymosiewicz, U Transform U

DigiGrow With Us

    U Transform U DigiGround Work Process

    The client approached DigiGround to create their branding, including a logo design, email signature, letterhead and envelope. They took advantage of our competitive packaging to receive an entire brand kit and guidelines. Once completed, our web developers started to work on the website, determining the website would initially be small, with three main pages.

    The homepage, the contact page and the transform page would feature their USP. We would also include a blog page to expand the number of pages on their website, as the best practice for SEO is to have a minimum of eight webpages. Slawka wrote some amazing blogs and content for the webpage and the DigiGround team just made slight changes to get them internet and search engine ready. The website design and development moved rapidly, with the webpages being ready for launch within only a matter of weeks.

    DigiGround was proud to be part of the client’s branding and development process and will continue to work with them in the future, providing ongoing monitoring of the website in our software and helping with the blog and content writing.

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