Project Description

We Fix

Giving a credit repair company a leading edge in the digital space.

We Fix

Giving a credit repair company a leading edge in the digital space.

About We Fix Credit

We Fix Credit is credit repair company that services customers in Australia and New Zealand. They are dedicated to helping customers explain their credit report and financial situation and provide suggestions to help them improve a negative credit history. We Fix Credit can also correct harmful and inaccurate information being held on a customer’s credit file by credit reference agencies.

Project Details

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation

We Fix Credit Objective

Being in a tight and highly competitive industry of credit repair companies in Australia, We Fix Credit needed a highly effective organic search strategy to combat the growing number of competitors popping up online. The client also wanted to reduce marketing costs by favouring a strong SEO campaign instead of running expensive Google Ads.

We Fix Credit chose DigiGround to help them with building a stronger online reputation and digital search presence through our SEO management services.

DigiGrow With Us

    We Fix Credit DigiGround Work Process

    We started with a discussion of the SEO strategy between We Fix Credit and DigiGround. We identified the client’s goals and where their SEO currently stands. Working together, we identified longtail keywords for Australia and New Zealand with a high search volume. Our work would be focused on on-page SEO and link building, along with some local optimisation to ensure that their website came up for location-based services.

    By pushing strong on-page optimisation and a strong backlink strategy, DigiGround and We Fix Credit were able to work together to target the core cluster of longtail keywords to rank for, producing instant results.

    The immediate improvement in Google Search rankings resulted in a huge spike in website visitors. Sessions grew by 60.89% and there were 46.18% more pageviews since we took over the SEO management. The bounce rate also dropped to a new low of 0.00%. The number of organic search sessions grew by 89.58%, showing that users were now finding the website more easily through keyword searches.

    We Fix Credit has seen outstanding results and continues to be a strong competitor in their industry.

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