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How an expense management chat app changed the way you split bills.


How an expense management chat app changed the way you split bills.
youchamp is an Android and iOS app that aims to make group purchases and bill splitting easier. There is nothing on the market like it that allows users to pay people by credit card, cash or direct transfer. With youchamp you can create groups and organise split payments with friends and family. You’ll never miss out on being paid for anything again. Users can use it when they have a dinner with a group and can easily create an equal split group for friends to pay directly in the app.

youchamp Objective

The client came to us with an idea for a new mobile application called youchamp. However, they had no branding, no website, no online presence and no technology. They wanted DigiGround to help them build youchamp from the ground up

DigiGrow With Us

youchamp DigiGround Work Process

DigiGround began branding for youchamp by coming up with brand colours, fonts, styles, logo design, personality and mascot design. It was important to determine the brand guidelines first as this would determine the look, feel and approach of the website and marketing.

While our graphic design team worked with the client to build youchamp’s brand, our DigiGround app developers got to work building the application. The started with the application’s back-end while our app designers put together an attractive, intuitive user interface. Visit our youchamp case study for more in-depth information on how we built the application itself.

While the application was being developed, DigiGround web developers built a fully-functioning website for youchamp. The original website we built had the same capabilities as the application, minus the chat functions. This was later changed to encourage users to download the app instead. The website we built captured the youchamp voice and tone – it was quirky and fun, yet informative and innovative. All of the content on the website was optimised for search engine optimisation and strong call-to-actions were added throughout the site.

Our digital marketing team came up with a marketing campaign to promote the launch of youchamp and build its online presence. DigiGround started by setting up social media accounts and managing their posting on a daily basis. To promote these pages and bring more people to the website, we launched a PPC marketing campaign, weekly email newsletters and influencer marketing. All of this proved very effective, and youchamp quickly grew their userbase by over 250%.

On top of this, DigiGround also created designs for the client’s print marketing (banners, flyers, handouts) and marketing products (t-shirts, balloons, stress balls, stickers). These were used at youchamp’s WeWork direct marketing events and during flyer hand-outs.

DigiGround provides youchamp with ongoing SEO management, website maintenance, social media management and digital marketing. We are constantly working with them to build their brand. You can learn more about our DigiGround work process in our youchamp case study.

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