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It doesn’t matter how amazing your website is if users can’t find it.  If you have invested in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) it can take a while, especially if you have a lot of competitors challenging your website for placement. To get around this, a good SEM Management plan can get you straight to the top of search engines and in direct site of your potential customers.

There are multiple routes you can take when advertising online. At DigiGround, we use a combination of organic and paid search efforts through SEM Management.

Whether you’re investing in pay per click management across display, social media or native content, you will gain industry leading insights from our skilled staff who will work tirelessly to build your brand.

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SEM management and PPC management services work hand in hand

Google is not the only search engine on the internet, and although it is the most used globally, it’s not the most used in a large number of countries. Do you know which search engine your target audience is using? Or do you know where you should be spending your digital advertising budget? DigiGround can find out for you and make sure you aren’t wasting valuable time and money in the wrong place.

But we don’t recommend you stop at search engines. There is now a large amount of Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) options on the internet. Finding the right methods and building an engaging display or native ads to make sure your target audience is pressing the right link can be rocket science. It doesn’t just stop there.

Once someone has clicked the ad you have paid for, are you getting what you want from the amount you are paying? The final step in SEM Management is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) of the web pages that your users are landing on.

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Our SEM Management Process


Drive Traffic

We will have a look at your website and analytics and find out which keywords, browsers, search engines and other platforms are being used to drive traffic to your website. We’ll work with you to calculate your budget so you get the best spend per conversion.


Build Resources

Our design and optimisation teams will build landing pages which are used to generate the best possible leads so you can start building your customer base. We’ll make sure every person that clicks your ads have the best possible chance of conversion

Pay-per-click-management-DigiGround-Process-Step 3

Deliver Results

We’ll monitor the clicks, the conversions and the behaviour of your traffic and make adjustments on the fly to make sure your budget is maintained and your cost per lead is at exactly at the point you want it to be with your SEM Management.


Do you need help with your SEM and PPC Management?

We can be the ones that solve all your problems. Just have a look at some of our happy clients.

DigiGround Work Edukinect

Edukinect is a client based in Singapore that does Education based technology consultancy. They needed a complete branding solution most importantly a website that enabled them to spread the word about their company.

DigiGround Work Beautiful Words

Beautiful Words is an organisation dedicated to showing the world how beautiful every language can be. They needed a website for contributors to send them new words for their products and a way to manage them.

DigiGround Work EzyPour

EzyPour is a new and innovative hospitality company that wholesales and retails items through an eCommerce site. They needed text, video and imagery for their brand, a new website as well as a brand new corporate identity.

Head to our DigiGround work page to see more companies that have gained more traffic with the help of the DigiGround SEM Management and PPC Management teams.

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