SEO Hacks
That Work

SEO Hacks
That Work


By Ivy Buddee
June 17, 2019

Want your website to rank on Google search but don’t have the knowledge, resources or time? You can always come to us for search engine optimisation (SEO) – or you can give these quick SEO hacks a try.

Try these SEO hacks

Start by dispensing your homepage’s link authority to your other important pages. It’s called link building, and it’s a vital part of any SEO strategy. Include links to your most important pages on your homepage. These links are different to navigational links and will typically pass more link authority as well. And, as a bonus, it helps your visitors find things a lot faster.

Your next step is to replace your massive images with smaller ones. A lot of designers don’t consider the image’s resolution before they add it to a webpage. This ends up slowing down the page speed or causing webpages to load incorrectly on mobile devices. It’s easy to optimise your image to a smaller size and then upload it again. In fact, I’d say it’s the fastest way to improve your site’s page speed.

Make sure you check your website for 404 errors. Google will penalise website for these, so use a program like Google Search Console to find out if you have any 404 pages. Convert these 404 URLs into 301 URLs that redirect to the next most relevant page on your site.

Your YouTube videos, guest posts and microsites are a great way to get traffic back to your website. Make sure they’re linking back to your main site, otherwise you won’t get any SEO benefit. These inbound links to increase your site’s authority in the eyes of Google and garner brand awareness and attention.

Use rich snippets. These are easy to set up with a simple plugin or custom CSS. Rich snippets, when coupled with a great title tag and meta description, will help your site stand out from other rankings. It tells the searcher that your website is trustworthy and high-quality. And it’ll also draw the searcher’s eye to your Google listing and increase your click-through rate.

Use these SEO hacks for your website and let us know what results you get! Of course, we always suggest you use blogging, Google indexing and social media to improve your SEO as well. But if you don’t have the time or resources, quick SEO tricks will work for now.


SEO Hacks that Work
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SEO Hacks that Work
Want your website to rank on Google search but don’t have the knowledge, resources or time? Give these quick SEO hacks a try.
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