Things to know about Application Development Methodology

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Rafiqul Islam

April 22, 2022

Things to know about Application Development Methodology

Are you looking to add extra shape to your software program improvement workflow? 

Selecting the proper software program improvement method for your product organization relies upon, in large part, your group size, goals, and different factors. Here is a top-level view of the maximum broadly applied and diagnosed software program improvement methodologies that will help you determine what is proper for your group. You will know 4 application development methodology for your business.


Waterfall is the most traditional and structured software development methodology. Although it is a very backdated method, it is still helpful to understand the history and structure of Waterfall to better appreciate the flexibility of more modern methodologies.

Waterfall calls for lots of shape and documentation upfront. It is split into self-contained degrees or steps. The first level is vital, requiring complete knowledge of each builder and clients of the project's needs and scope earlier than something begins. The degrees are very inflexible and frequently observe this sequence: decide the project's necessities and content, examine the one's necessities, design, implement, test, set up and finally, maintain.

Feature-Driven Development

An iterative and incremental technique for software program improvement, Feature-Driven Development (FDD) is derived from the Agile method and is considered one manner to enforce it. Similar to Waterfall, FDD is usually viewed as an older method, a form of precursor to fashionable Lean/Agile implementations. 

FDD nevertheless specializes in handing over operating software programs regularly and is a particularly client-centric technique, making it an excellent match for smaller improvement teams. Features are a foundational piece of FDD. Features are client-valued portions of labor that need to be added each week in step with the FDD technique.


The Agile method evolved as a reaction to developing frustrations with Waterfall and different relatively structured, rigid methodologies. This technique is designed to deal with extruding and the want to supply software programs faster. Agile values people and their relationships and interactions over tools; it functions consumer collaboration through the improvement process; it responds to extrude instead of following a set-in-stone plan. It specializes in offering running software programs as opposed to documentation.


Another manner of enforcing the Agile method, Scrum borrows from Agile's foundational ideals and philosophy that groups and builders should collaborate closely and every day. 

With Scrum, the software program is advanced by using an iterative method wherein the group is the front and center—skilled and disciplined employees in smaller groups may locate the maximum achievement with this approach because it calls for self-employer and self-management. 

Team participants ruin dreams into smaller dreams at the start and paint via them the use of fixed-duration iterations—or sprints—to construct software programs and show off often (typically remaining weeks). Meetings play an important position within the Scrum method. 

For the duration of every sprint, every day, making plans, conferences and demos take the area to observe development and accumulate feedback. This incremental approach promotes short modifications and improvement and provides complicated projects. Scrum includes the shape and extent of different conventional software program improvement methodologies with current Agile's power and iterative practices.

Final Words

For today's corporations, it's crucial to create surroundings of non-stop development and innovation to supply purchaser value faster. The proper Lean and Agile software program will assist you. Lean principles, practices, and painting methodologies optimize enterprise waft throughout all enterprise functions.


Things to know about Application Development Methodology
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Things to know about Application Development Methodology
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