App Development

App Development


Ivy Buddee
September 07, 2020

DigiGround is a Sydney app development company. If you’re interested in developing a new app with a local team in Australia, look no further for the top mobile app developers. We will make sure you are making the right decisions to build the best application and getting the best results. Contact us now to get your app built by the best app development team in Sydney.

App Development Process

How to get your app developed

Contact our expert mobile app developers to arrange an app development consultation. The aim of our first chat is to discuss your app idea and offer professional advice on how to turn your idea into a fully functioning mobile application. We can provide indicators for an estimated cost and delivery time, however, for an accurate estimation, we recommend registering for an app development workshop.

App development process

Discovery session

We will hold a full day app development workshop with you to introduce ourselves and find out more about you and your app idea. We will capture the purpose of your app and the goals you are hoping to achieve.

Internal review

After we get an understanding of your app idea, our project manager, app developer, app designer, account manager and digital marketer will discuss with you the features and requirements of your app. We will identify your MVP (minimum-viable-product) and what features you would like to add in future.

Strategy development

Once we’ve identified your app features and outcomes, we can provide an estimated cost of development and timeframe for delivery. We will provide you with a project proposal outlining your app details, development timeframes, payment schedule and additional services we can offer.

Your app idea is safe with us! We’ll protect your idea with an NDA so that you don’t have to worry about your project being shared or reused by others. Our top Sydney app developers will stay with you throughout your app development journey with maintenance and support and optional digital marketing. We use the best and latest app development methods to make sure that your app is delivered quickly and is flexible for continuous improvements.

Explore your app idea and discover the secret to turning your vision into an award-winning app. Get in touch with us today to start your app development!


App Development Process
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App Development Process
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