College of Complementary Medicine

College of Complementary Medicine is a leading education provider in natural health training focussed on empowering others to better mental and physical health.

Case Study College Of Complementary Medicine

Helping to optimise the website of a leading education provider


Website Develpoment and Maintenance / Search Engine Optimisation / Website Conversion Rate Optimisation


The College of Complimentary Medicine (CCM) is an accredited heart centred college in Sydney, led by an experienced team of complementary health practitioners. CCM offers a unique mix of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge expert vocational courses in the fast-growing fields of transpersonal art therapy, mind body medicine, integrative complementary medicine, transpersonal counselling, kinesiology and leadership courses. Together they are shaping confident, empowered complementary medicine professionals who go on out in the world to make a real difference to their lives and the lives of others.

Our Solution

Based on these requirements, for traction and brand development, DigiGround suggested website redevelopment and maintenance, ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) and website conversion rate optimisation (CRO). We would design and develop a website that was based on a strong lead gen strategy. Our web designers would build a website that has a clear path to convert to enrolments, boosting enquiries and social media follows. At the same time, the website would showcase CCM’s health courses that are provided that their multiple campuses.

The Challenge

The College of Complimentary Medicine was looking for digital support to improve their website and increase their conversion rate. They had plans to launch new courses and as such, they wanted to increase the traffic coming to their website.

Website Development And Maintenance


CCM was launching new courses and wanted their website to generate leads and acquire new customers. The website design needed to convey a sense of professionalism and authority. They also wanted to have a clear process that enables visitors to learn more or contact the College directly.
website dev


DigiGround started by focusing our efforts on designing a website that would attract and engage new users, appeal to CCM’s target audience and support peak visitor loads. The website needed to bring all their courses together and also guide the visitor on the right path to ensure they might the best decision when enrolling in a course. Once the website goes live, DigiGround would then add the site to our monitoring tools and ensure the website and any plugins are fully up to date. We built the website in the WordPress CMS so that once the site goes live, CCM could easily update their site without assistance from our website developers. Our web developers would also proactively monitor their website and suggest and make changes to improve their SEO.

The Result

DigiGround built an outstanding website for CCM with a simple, effective layout. The homepage uses big, vibrant images to capture the visitor’s audience and direct them to different sections of the site. The navigation bar was well-organised with the customer’s journey in mind. The website has given CCM an excellent start at promoting their new courses. They were delighted with their new website and it has since been instrumental in achieving their business goals.

Search Engine


CCM wanted to significantly grow their Google rankings and goal conversions. To make this possible, they needed a targeted content strategy that would drive organic search traffic to the site and grow their organic conversions.


While this may fluctuate depending on a competitors’ budget increase, advertising spend and increased brand awareness, we monitored competition and made suggestions to improve ranking against them, where possible. We went through the CCM website and optimised their pages to rank for their target longtail keywords. This included tailored meta tags, tailored titles, themed blog articles and content silos. We conducted both on-site and off-site optimisation and provided monthly reporting to track CCM’s progress and ensure that we were hitting goals.Our SEO and CRO specialists then worked together to create a technical implementation document outlining the changes that can be made to the site to improve CCM’s organic conversions. We focused on improving time-on-site metrics by putting high value content first and encouraging visitors to click through to other pages.
College of Complementary Medicine Case Study

The Result

We’ve seen a sharp audience increase since DigiGround began implementing our SEO campaign. During the first three months of our SEO campaign, we increased CCM’s overall organic search traffic to 47.9% of total website visitors. CCM saw a huge increase in their average ranking position, growing from position 28 to position 5 in search engine results. It is rewarding to see CCM improve their search engine credibility and grow their website traffic. DigiGround provides CCM with ongoing SEO services to ensure that their website never loses rankings and continues to achieve high conversions.

Website Conversion
Rate Optimisation


CCM expressed a need to increased website traffic, improved conversions on site and digital support for the launch and promotion of new courses. Leveraging our extensive digital marketing expertise, DigiGround offered our support to CCM.
Website Conversion Rate Optimisation


CRO is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action, be that filling out a form, becoming customers, or otherwise. The CRO process involves understanding how users move through your site, what actions they take, and what’s stopping them from completing your goals.DigiGround set up CRO tracking on the website to monitor four key pages per month on the CCM website. With the data we receive from the from the scroll map, confetti map, click map, overlay map and referring traffic results, we would then work to increase conversion on the site. Our aim was to reduce their bounce rate, improve the scroll rate on the site and increase conversions from referral traffic to lead form submissions.

The Result

Using the CRO data gathered, DigiGround could see that a portion of visitors did not fill out a form on the website. We tested the on-page form to see if we could lessen initial contact friction by removing or adding field options. We also brought the form to the top of the page and added a large banner calling attention to the form. We moved features around, bringing the most clicked-on pages, sections and links to the top to enhance the user’s experience. Our digital marketers ran a series of rapid A/B testing based on Google Analytics data, CRO heatmapping and click maps. Then, the website data began improving rapidly. We were able to gain high-quality leads for CCM and saw increase in organic traffic to the site.

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