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Walk In Robe is a fashion rental marketplace that connects renters and lenders.

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A fashion rental app with a difference.


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Walk In Robe is a new and exciting application that is the brainchild of Yane Kostadinovski. The app is a rent and sell fashion marketplace that is changing the way people consume fashion. It’s a complete peer-to-peer service that connects renters to lenders and buyers to sellers both within Australia and around the globe. Users can follow their favourite sellers, share listings with friends, upcycle and recycle fashion, save up store credits, secure payments and insure items.As the world moves towards greater user of peer-to-peer technology, Walk In Robe is primed to become the largest player in the clothing rental and buying business. This online outfit hire app provides an affordable way to access fashion, helping consumers around the globe who use the platform to save more money than ever before.

Our Solution

Walk In Robe App was a new company that needed help establishing their brand, developing a mobile app and marketing their product. The brief was to create an easy to use mobile application for the client. To do this, we had to first design complete branding for Walk In Robe App from scratch. The branding needed to resonate with fashion lovers as well as inspire people to put up their own clothes for renting and buying.

The Challenge

The client was seeking a team of highly skilled Sydney app developers to bring his vision to life. The client required a fully functioning mobile app that would work on both Apple and Android devices. Since this business is a start-up, the client would also require logo design and branding, as well as a website tied to the application. To promote the app and generate a user base, the client also required digital marketing services such as social media management and search engine optimisation.

Walk In Robe
App Development

walk in robe app


The client noticed a common trend amongst girlfriends and female friends complaining about having to buy new clothes all the time for every event, and then not wearing the clothes again. All this, coupled with the personal experience of having two female friends who live together and share a wardrobe, gave the client the idea to create the Walk In Robe App. Walk In Robe App would be a unique fashion sharing application that allows people to advertise their clothes and accessories in an online marketplace for others to rent. The client approached the DigiGround fashion app development team to scope and build a mobile application to achieve this goal.


We kicked off the project by holding a discovery workshop with the client. Once we had a better understanding of what features the app would have, we were able to define our path to development. It was important to make sure the client and our internal development team were on the same page with the approach. By understanding each step, from concept design to user acceptance testing to launch, we would be able to execute against specific deadlines and budget constraints.

We began by identifying brand colours, tones and fonts, along with a new logo design and app icon. Both DigiGround and the client recognised the importance of designing an app icon that is easily identified. Most smartphone users have more than 10 apps installed on their devices, so it’s important that Walk In Robe App has an eye-catching icon that stands out.

The app development team is very experienced in building cross-platform apps and online apps, but we always strive to innovate rather than rest on our laurels. We reviewed similar fashion rental apps in the market to gain insight into what would make for a better experience. Using this information, we iterated on wireframes to showcase the ideal workflow.

Our app designers then put together a prototype of the app using Adobe XD. This was a working prototype that gave the client and our developers an understanding of the app’s look and feel. While the app was being designed, our designers worked with the client to create a logo and branding guidelines that captured the essence of the app.

Our in-house app developers were responsible for building the frontend and backend of the mobile app. The designers provided the UX and UI and worked with the client to make design decisions where necessary. The application was built in React, which allowed us to quickly develop a product that would work effectively across most platforms.

Hamburger menus are common among mobile apps, but we have found that they can reduce engagement. Instead, we opted for tab navigation for this app to ensure that engagement would not only be maintained, but that there would be capacity to add new content and features in the future.

We had to make sure that Walk In Robe App users could share listings to social media with ease. We built the platform to integrate directly with the various social media APIs available to make social sharing as seamless as possible.

One of the most important features in the app was the ability to automate the renting and buying process. Building this functionality was a challenge, but one that our experienced app developers were able to tackle head-on in a timely manner.

Fashion Application Development


DigiGround worked closely with the client throughout the entire process, from branding and logo design, to the app design and development. Through close collaboration, we were able to quickly identify key priorities and designed a mobile experience that delivers on both user expectations and the client’s business goals.

DigiGround built a beautiful app that is quickly becoming one of the top apps in the industry. We continue to innovate with all our apps and consistently refer to Walk In Robe App as a benchmark for what a successful app launch looks like.

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Website Design Development


When Walk In Robe App engaged us for app development, we explained to them that they would also need a website in order to have their app published to the various app stores. The website would need to be an extension of the app, so that visitors to the site will immediately recognise the brand. The goal was clear: deliver an immediate, well-designed and customisable application website with prominent CTA buttons to encourage visitors to download the app.
Walk In Robe Rental Marketplace

This application will be steeped in aboriginal culture which is the most important part of the Burrun Dalai’s objectives. DigiGround will work with Burrun Dalai to make sure the designs, display, artwork and even the wording is built in a way that is significant to the users. The app is not just for the children, but also for the carer team and the Burrun Dalai Aboriginal Corporation Incorporated team members. We would like to make sure to build something that all stakeholders are proud of and look forward to using.


Client wanted a high-end look and feel for their website, with a single page directing visitors to download the application. We wrote the website content ourselves and provided it to the client for adjustments. We wanted the website to be tied to the application, so it was important that the design reflected that of the app. Following the brand guidelines that had we put together, our website designer quickly put together graphics for the site and chose a website template that would capture the exclusivity and sleekness of the app.

Once an appropriate template was selected, and images were provided, our website developer was deployed to get the website built. Since the site was built with WordPress and only had a single webpage, we were able to put the site live in just one business day.

The Result

The client was very happy with our web development work and liked the simplicity and ease of navigation and use. We integrated Google Analytics into the website to give them detailed analytical reports and installed security plugins to maintain the site’s data integrity. Ultimately the client was happy with the website and it served its purpose of allowing our developers to launch the application to the app stores.

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