The Nutrition Project

Nutrition Project wanted to increase their brand awareness, encourage lead capture and increase sales. They needed an immediate solution for generating leads. The campaign had to be structured and controlled, with a low cost-per-click.

Case Study: The Nutrition Project

Improving visibility for a highly successful health and wellness brand


PPC Management / Web App Development


The Nutrition Project is the brainchild of Nutritionist Michelle Fernandez. Customers looking for advice on how to transition their child from milk to solids subscribe to the Infant Nutrition Program, which is a 24-week email program designed to provide education on food introductions. A timeline and step by step photos and videos for food preparation are advised, as well as serving suggestions and storage options.

The Challenge

The Nutrition Project was looking for a way to create greater awareness of the program and gain more subscribers and sales. They were looking to expand their product offer and simplify the process of delivering email communication to its subscribers, as well as tailoring messaging based on the infants age.

Our Solution

For this project, DigiGround would design and develop a new WordPress website, including a transfer of content from Squarespace to the WordPress platform with search engine optimisation (SEO) setup. We would also offer pay-per-click (PPC) management to help the Nutrition Project boost their website traffic and grow their consumer base. DigiGround would also provide website hosting and website maintenance.



Nutrition Project wanted to increase their brand awareness, encourage lead capture and increase sales. They needed an immediate solution for generating leads. The campaign had to be structured and controlled, with a low cost-per-click. This would boost their website traffic and help them grow their mailing list.

The Nutrition Project Baby Image


To help Nutrition Project achieve their goals, DigiGround launched a PPC Facebook campaign to increase website clicks and increase their conversions. Our digital marketing manager worked with Nutrition Project to discover their expectations for the campaign and their preferred timeline.

The digital marketing team then began creating the Facebook ads. We activated a direct checkout button, rather than requiring users to add the program to the cart, so that users would be taken directly to the checkout form. We added a retargeting campaign to target users who have clicked the ‘add to chart’ button but haven’t yet converted.

We created two other campaigns that targeted mum groups and mothers. We used a custom audience made up of the users who had already signed up, and then utilised a lookalike audience to target the campaign better. A lookalike audience on Facebook analyses the attributes of the users you have given it, and then finds users in the same audience.

Social media support and ad-hoc advice was given to Nutrition Project to help them enhance their content strategy. We offered strategy suggestions and ideas for improvements and effective methods for gaining greater reach.

The Nutrition Project Page Visits
ppc results

The Result

DigiGround ran three Facebook ad campaigns. The first targeted those who had mother-related interests or who identify as mothers. In one month, this campaign resulted in 2,784 people in the target demographic visiting the website. This ad resulted in one purchase of the program.

The second targeted members of specific mother-related Facebook groups. This campaign resulted in 394 people in the target demographic visiting the website. This ad resulted in one purchase of the program in one month.

The final was a retargeting campaign that targeted people who have visited the website and people who are on the custom audience list who had signed up the newsletter. In the first month, this campaign resulted in 311 people in the target demographic visiting the website.
The Nutrition Project landing page received over 3,200 visits during the month with 32 people clicking the ‘add to cart’ button and 11 people clicking the ‘gift the product’ button on the webpage.

Website Design and Development


Nutrition Project was looking for a progressive web application that would provide a platform for subscribers to gain infant nutrition program education, meal plans and advice in one place. The web app would accommodate more programs and should be easy for staff to manage and grow.

The Nutrition Project
The Nutrition Project


We designed a beautiful website for Nutrition Project with a simple, elegant layout. Banners were added above the fold to direct visitors to purchase
the program. Big, vibrant images were added to different sections to reflect Nutrition Project’s purpose and give the site a positive, cheerful feel. The navigation bar was simplified and organised to make it easier for visitors to get to where they need to be.

Our web developers added testimonials and success stories to the site. These give visitors the social proof they need to encourage a conversion. Instructional videos were added to the site as well, along with a pop up for subscribers. The website was carefully and strategically designed to
enhance the conversion rate by giving visitors many pathways to use to make a purchase.

DigiGround added a forum, WordPress plugins and reviewed the content for SEO purposes. Our marketing manager then set up Google Analytics and CRO heatmapping to track user behaviour. These analytics would later be used to improve conversion rate optimisation, as they indicate what changes we can make to the site to improve the user experience.

Once everything website was approved by the client, DigiGround put the website live and uploaded the web app to the app stores. We created a ‘free week’ version of the web app to give visitors a taste of the program and encourage them to purchase the full version.

The Result

Our DigiGround services gave Nutrition Project a successful start to the launch of their new web app. They plan to add new features to the website and web app and expand quickly. They were extremely happy with our digital marketing strategy and are delighted with how instrumental the website has been for their business growth.

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